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Support our work by becoming a Friend/Cara or adopting a feature in the Garden.

Friends of Brigit's Garden/
Cáirde Ghairdín Bhríde

You are warmly invited to become a Friend/Cara of Brigit's Garden/Ghairdín Bhríde.
As a Friend/Cara you will play an important role in supporting all aspects of our work through a small monthly contribution and also join a vibrant and growing community of supporters and donors.

As a Friend/Cara your benefits will include:

  • The satisfaction of supporting this special project and our unique vision
  • Complimentary Membership, giving you free access to the Gardens all year, 20% discount for guests and 5% discount in the Café and Gift Shop
  • Invitations to supporters' gatherings and other special events
  • Regular e-newsletters and updates

As a Friend/Cara your contribution is €21 a month, which amounts to €252 a year.  This amount is eligible for tax relief, so the actual income to Brigit's Garden is increased to €330. You can also opt for a one-off payment for the full amount.

• Click here to join the Friends of Brigit's Garden/Cáirde Ghairdín Bhríde through Pay Pal or with a credit card. Join Brigit's Garden Friends/Cara

• Alternatively, you can set up a monthly Standing Order to Brigit's Garden from your bank account through your online banking. Please phone the office for the details on 091550905.

Friends of Brigit's Garden/Cáirde Gháirdín Bhríde make a huge difference and enable us to maintain Brigit's Garden as a unique and developing resource for the community.
Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine. Thank you for your support!


Become a Founder

Become a Founder member of Brigit's Garden
Adopt a feature to commemorate a special occasion
or remember a loved one

We invite you to become a Founder member of Brigit's Garden by adopting and dedicating a feature in one of the Celtic Gardens. The Gardens are ideal surroundings for a dedication in memory of a loved one, to celebrate a birth or special event, or for any intention of your choice.

You may choose from a wide range of beautiful features in the Samhain, Imbolc, Bealtaine and Lughnasa gardens or in the woodland. Your dedication can be written in our special Dedications Book and also displayed on our website.
Click here to read recent dedications.

To become a Founder member we ask for a one-off contribution of €350, for which your benefits include:

  • The satisfaction of supporting this special project and our unique vision
  • A Founder's Pass giving two people free access to Brigit's Garden for 5 years, a certificate of symbolic ownership of your adopted feature and your dedication written in our Dedications Book
  • Invitations to supporters' gatherings and other special events

If you would like to join the scheme please contact us on 091 550905 or email us to discuss what feature you might like to adopt.

Imbolc (spring) garden


  • Apple (15)
  • Pear (3)
  • Plum (3)
  • Cherry (2)
  • Cob nuts (2)
  • Sunken garden, surrounding Three Faces of Brigit (1)
  • Pair of round stone pillars (1)

Bealtaine (summer) garden

  • Granite standing stones making processional way (7)
  • Pair of round stone pillars (1)
  • Trees: yellow ash  (1)
  • Aspen  (1)
  • Norway maple (1)
  • Liquidamber (1)
  • Lilac (3)
  • Copper hazel (1)
  • Crab apple (2)
  • Native rowan (3)
  • Hawthorn (3)
  • Spindle (1)
  • Arbutus (strawberry tree)  (1)
  • Holly  (3)



Lughnasa (autumn) Garden

  • Granite standing stones making interlocking circles (19)
  • Oak benches (2)
  • Mounds representing Orion: large mounds (7)
  • Groups of smaller mounds (3)
  • Trees: pear (3)
  • Pair of round stone pillars (1)

Samhain (winter) garden

  • Trees: silver birch, surrounding pool (24)

Outside Gardens

  • Oak trees in a circle (4)

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