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How to make a Fairy Garden

1.  First, find a container.  You can use any container, big or small to make your fairy garden...a teacup would work as well as a large crate as long as you keep everything small.  Here we've used a big terracotta pot with a medium one set inside.  Both of these pots were broken and were going to be gotten rid of!

2. Fill the container up with dirt.  The surface can be flat or hilly or bumpy.  Think about what kind of world you want your fairies to live in.  In our example, we filled the containers up from low to high, so it made a hill for the fairies to walk up.

3.  Start filling the garden with plants.  Think about how big or small your garden is.  If you have a small one, be sure to fill it with plants that don't grow very big, or plants that grow slowly so you can trim them as they outgrow your garden.  Moss and grass work well as do many alpine plants that don't need too much watering and will spread.  Sempervivum, also known as 'houseleeks' or 'hens and chicks' work well too as they will spread into the tiny spaces.

4. Decorate!  Start constructing the little world for your fairies.  Make benches, wall, seats, etc. from stones and weave arches or bridges with plant stems.  The possibilities are endless.  The key is scale; everything should be small.  The smaller your fairy garden, the smaller the decorations should be.

5.  Go mad with the details!  Fairy gardens can be simple or elaborate, but the fun is in the tiny details you make.  Fairy gardens are an ongoing project.  As you find or make things for the garden, they can be added to make it more exciting.  As time goes on, the plants in your garden will mature and fill in gaps.  They might need to be trimmed down a bit, or they can be let to grow leaving your fairies living in a giant world!

For fairy garden inspiration, see our Pinterest page here or type 'Fairy Garden' into your favorite search engine.

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