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Sunrise Children’s Festival Terms and Conditions (subject to change)

EVENT CANCELLED: Due to a number of unforeseen circumstances it is with deep regret we have decided to cancel Sunrise 2018. This decision was made with the best interests of our Garden and our attendees in mind. We apologise for any disappointment or inconvenience. We have loved running this festival and we hope to be back in the future.

  1. Admission RIGHTS to Sunrise Children’s Festival is reserved.
  2. We will refuse admission without a valid e-ticket. We will only accept tickets issued online or from official ticket sales offices. Brigit’s Garden Member must bring their valid 2018 Membership card for presentation on entry if availing of the Member’s discount.
  3. Ticket are non- transferrable. There will be no refunds for tickets other than in the cancellation of the event.
  4. Tickets will be checked on entry, once a ticket has been swapped for a wristband it cannot be used again.
  5. In order to facilitate the security safety and comfort of all guests the Brigit’s Garden CLG. reserve the right to refuse admission.
  6. Admission is at the ticket holder's own risk. Brigit’s Garden Ltd. will not be held liable for any loss, injuries or damages sustained at the event including damage, theft or losses to property and motor vehicles, if the cause is due to the negligence of the ticket holder or the unforeseeable actions of other patrons or third parties.
  7. Sunrise Children’s Festival can only verify the authenticity of tickets purchased directly from the Brigit’s Garden’s website or official ticket provider. Do not buy tickets from other third party sources, as we cannot ensure these tickets are genuine. Invalid tickets will not be allowed entry into the festival site.
  8. In the event of cancellation of the festival, only the face value of the ticket will be refunded and not the booking fee.
  9. Wristbands are non-transferable. As a general rule, wristbands are to be worn on the wrist for them to be valid; if necessary and approved by Sunrise Children’s Festival, however, your wristband may be worn on another limb provided that the wristband cannot be removed without damaging it. Damaged wristbands - those re-sealed or severed, whose fastener has been opened, whose diameter exceeds that of the wearer’s fist or which have been tampered with in any way, etc. - are invalid. Sunrise Children’s Festival will not replace damaged or lost wristbands. Sunrise Children’s Festival will initiate proceedings against anyone forging tickets or participating in ticket forgery.
  10. These Terms and Conditions while extensive are subject to change.


  1. The artist and performer line-up and all billed attractions may be subject to change at any time without notice.
  2. Strictly no trading or other commercial activity by any ticket holder will be allowed on the festival site without the organisers’ prior written consent.
  3. As a condition of sale, the Adult ticket holder understands that there will be some media present as well as authorised Brigit’s Garden photographers who will be taking some film and photographs for promotional purposes. Brigit’s Garden will ensure if this results in all close up shots of children permission will be sought by their Parent/Guardian before use.
  4. Tickets cannot be used as part of any marketing, media or sales promotion whether commercial or non-commercial without prior written permission of the event organisers.
  5. In accordance with Smoke Free Regulations, the tented arenas and other areas of the festival are designated No Smoking Areas. Failure to comply with these regulations and event signage may result in ejection.
  6. If you are caught urinating or defecating in places other than a toilet, you run the risk of immediate ejection from the festival site.
  7. Please use bins and recycling points provided.
  8. The burning of plastics, bedding, tents, furniture is not permitted anywhere on the site and could result in criminal charges being brought against anyone caught doing so.
  9. Strictly no animals (with the exception of Guide dogs and police dogs) will be allowed on the site.
  10. Warning: exposure to loud and excessive music maybe damaging to your hearing.
  11. Pyrotechnics, lasers, smoke machines, strobe lighting and special effects may take place during some performances.


1. You may be searched at the entrance. Any items that the organisers consider to be used in an illegal or offensive manner shall be confiscated and you will not be permitted entry to the festival site.
2. Sunrise Children’s Festival has a No Drugs Policy. No legal highs or illegal substances may be brought into the festival site, including nitrous oxide. Anyone caught in possession of such substances can be refused entry or ejected immediately from the festival site.

Media Policy

Filming and Photography is allowed throughout the public site, we just ask you do it respectfully. Anyone using cameras or filming equipment (including all mobile devices) are expected to be courteous to their fellow festival attendees and ask permission before taking any up close shots.

Photography is restricted or prohibited in certain areas: welfare, medical, all backstage areas unless explicit permission is granted beforehand. Aerial remote controlled drones are not allowed onsite unless authorised ahead of the event.

Child Safety

All children and young people are to:
• Be treated equally
• Be treated with respect
• Be listened to
• Be involved in decision-making processes as appropriate
• Be encouraged and supported
• Engage in a fun learning process and experience

Code of Behaviour For Staff

All facilitators and staff working with young people on behalf of SUNRISE CHILDREN’S FESTIVAL are required to:
• Use appropriate language
• Lead by example
• Create an atmosphere of trust
• Respect personal boundaries
• Discuss and establish ground rules for each activity with the group
• Be aware of children’s limitations and of any specific special needs / requirements
• Ensure that contact numbers for parents and or Sunrise Children’s Festival staff are to hand
• Respect differences of ability, culture, religion, race and sexual orientation
• Manage a good code of behaviour for children/ young people by reporting any suspected or disclosed abuse by a staff member to Designated Liaison Person.
• Each unaccompanied child participating in an activity must be registered i.e. name, address and phone number, any special needs or requirements should be noted.
• All staff must be made aware of Sunrise Children’s Festival’s child protection policy and procedures.
• Any concerns regarding children or young people must be reported to the Designated Liaison Person.
• A minimum of two adults must be present when facilitating workshops.
• All play-leaders/entertainers are required to document and evaluate their work with children and young people. When appropriate, permission to take photographs must be secured.
• All play-leaders/entertainers are required to sign contracts with Sunrise Children’s Festival outlining the terms and conditions of each project.
• A parental consent form must be completed for all junior volunteers.
• Junior volunteers (under 18) are not given responsibility for the supervision of children and are not taken into account in terms of adult: child ratios.

Inappropriate behaviour when adults are working with children and young people, the following actions should never occur:
• Spending excessive amounts of time alone.
• Use of offensive or sexually suggestive physical/ verbal language.
• Favouritism, ridicule, criticism.
• Inappropriate touching or rough play.
• Socialising inappropriately with children/ young people outside of structured activity time.
• Hitting or physical chastisement of children/young people.

Health and safety

• Do not leave children/young people unsupervised or unattended.
• Do not allow children to use any dangerous materials.
• Provide a safe environment.
• Be aware of accident procedure and follow accordingly. This is established through staff training.

Physical contact

• Seek consent of child/young person in relation to physical contact. (Except in an emergency or a dangerous situation)
• Check with children/ young people about their level of comfort if doing touch exercises.

Sunrise Children’s Festival designated Liaison Person regarding child protection and welfare is The Designated Officer and she has been designated as the person to contact if you have an issue or concern about any aspect of a child’s or young person’s safety and welfare. It is the responsibility of this person to support and advise staff about policy and procedures in relation to child protection and to ensure that procedures are followed. It is also the responsibility of the Designated Liaison Person to liaise with the Health Services Executive or Gardaí where appropriate. Contact names and details of all these officials will be provided prior to the event once confirmed.

Recording and Reporting Procedures

All incidents are to be recorded in the ‘incident book’. This book is kept in the Sunrise Children’s Festival office in a safe place. When recording an incident staff should record:
• All details: date, time and people involved. Information should be factual and should outline the specific reasonable grounds for concern.
• The nature of the disclosure or concern recorded under the following headings; suspicions, concerns, worrying observations, behavioural changes, actions and Sunrise Children’s Festival.
• The administrator as designated person is to be informed of the incident. The CEO of Brigit’s Garden is also to be informed.
• Any information shared is to be treated with the utmost confidentiality
• The Health Service Executive may be contacted for advice and consultation, prior to a report being filed and as soon as possible after an event has been reported.
• If there are reasonable grounds for concern the Designated Liaison Person will contact the Duty Social Worker in the HSE and make a report without delay.
• In case of emergencies outside of HSE working hours the Gardaí will be contacted immediately.

Sunrise Children’s Festival’s procedure for dealing with a disclosure is as follows;
1) Sunrise Children’s Festival’s Designated Liaison Person is informed immediately of the disclosure and if not present at the scene, will make their way immediately to the scene.
2) Sunrise Children’s Festival’s HSE contact is informed immediately of the disclosure and also the Gardaí if deemed necessary.
3) Any parents/ guardians of any persons who are minors involved in the incident are immediately informed unless doing so would place the child/children or young person at risk from a parent/ guardian.
4) If a Sunrise Children’s Festival’s staff member is in breach of any aspect of this child protection policy, their access to children will be halted immediately pending the outcome of an investigation. The right of the child supersedes that of the employee in this case. This action is effective immediately upon any disclosure or incident.
5) All persons who are under the age of 18 will remain in the company of the designated Sunrise Children’s Festival person until such time that they are met with a parent/guardian.

Relevant Contact Details

• Local HSE duty social worker: name to be confirmed
• Local Garda: name to be confirmed

Dealing with a disclosure:

How staff and/ or volunteers respond to a child or young person who discloses a concern;
1. Stay calm.
2. Listen to what the child/ young person has to say.
3. Give them time to explain the situation/ incident.
4. Assure them of privacy.
5. Assure them they were right to come forward and tell someone.
6. Do not promise to keep any secrets.
7. Ensure you will support them and tell them what is happening.
Confidentiality Statement

Sunrise Children’s Festival is committed to ensuring peoples’ rights to confidentiality. However, in relation to child protection and welfare we undertake that:

• Information will only be forwarded on a ‘need to know’ basis in order to safeguard a child or young person
• Giving such information to the Gardaí or a HSE child protection officer for the protection of a child or young person is not a breach of confidentiality
• We cannot guarantee total confidentiality where the best interests of the child or young person are at risk
• Primary carers, children and young people have a right to know if information is being shared and ⁄ or a report made to the Health Services Executive, unless doing so could put the child at further risk
• As an arts organisation Sunrise Children’s Festival documents its exhibitions, education and outreach activities. Images including of children will not be used for publicity unless prior consent is received from parents or primary carers.

• Records of information on children and their guardians are kept in a safe and confidential file in the form of a password protected document accessible only by the designated Sunrise Children’s Festival person, the deputy Sunrise Children’s Festival person and the deputy’s deputy.
Recruitment and Selection Policy Statement

Sunrise Children’s Festival undertakes to ensure to the best of its ability that staff are carefully selected, Garda vetted, trained (where necessary), and supervised to provide a safe environment for all children and young people, by observing the following principles:

• Roles and responsibilities will be clearly defined for each job
• We will endeavour to select the most suitably qualified personnel
• Candidates will be required to submit an up to date c.v. and to sign contracts in the event of being offered a position.
• Candidates will be required to read and sign the child protection policy Sunrise Children’s Festival
• Candidates are asked to provide two written references that are recent and independent. All references will be verbally confirmed by Sunrise Children’s Festival
• Staff will be interviewed by a panel of at least two representatives

• No person deemed to constitute a risk will be employed.
• All candidates to sign the Sunrise Children’s Festival declaration form.
• All staff will be given a probationary period which will vary in length depending on the position.

Exclusions include:

• Any child-related convictions.
• Refusal to sign an application form/ declaration form
• Insufficient documentary evidence of identification.
• Concealing information on one’s suitability to working with children.
• All staff must agree to consent to Garda Vetting, and where available this will be sought.

Managing and Supervising Staff – Policy Statement

To protect staff and children/young people, we undertake that:
New Staff will:
• Take part in a mandatory training session.
• Be made aware of the organisations code of conduct, child protection procedures, and the identity and role of who has been designated to deal with issues of concern.
• Undergo a probationary period to be agreed in line with the length of the programme/ activity.

All staff will:

• Receive an adequate level of supervision and review of their work practices.
• Be expected to have read and signed the Child Protection Policy Statement.
• Be provided with child protection training. Policy Statement on the involvement of primary carers Sunrise Children’s Festival is committed to being open with all primary carers.

We undertake to:

• Advise primary carers of our child protection policy
• Inform primary carers of all activities
• Issue contact/ consent forms where relevant
• Comply with health and safety practices
• Operate child centred policies in accordance with best practice
• Adhere to recruitment guidelines
• Ensure as far as possible that activities are age - appropriate.

If Sunrise Children’s Festival has concerns about the welfare of the child/ young person, we will: • Respond to the needs of the child / young person

• It is the responsibility of the designated persons to make contact with the primary carer without delay.
• Where there are child protection and welfare concerns we are obliged to pass these onto the Duty Social Worker and, in an emergency, the Gardaí.
• Have a designated person available for consultation with primary carers in the case of any concern over a child or young person’s welfare.
• A parental consent form will also be required for any unaccompanied audience members under the age of 18 that are taking part in a children’s activity with Sunrise Children’s Festival

Procedure for dealing with an allegation against staff and volunteers In respect of an allegation The Designated Officer will deal with issues relating to any issues relating to Sunrise Children’s Festival staff members and volunteers. The Sunrise Children’s Festival will have a Designated Liaison Person. The Designated Officer will deal with the process in relation to the child/ young person. Designated Liaison Person is the back-up person for both The Designated Officer and DEPUTY2-name TBA in these cases. In the case of an allegation against a staff member or a volunteer, the staff member/volunteer will be suspended from their duties pending an investigation.

• The first priority is to ensure that no child is exposed to un-necessary risk.
• If allegations are made against the designated member of staff/volunteer, the deputy designated person should be contacted. • If allegations are made against the deputy designated member of staff/volunteer, the back-up person will be contacted.
• Both the primary carers and child/young person should be informed of actions planned and taken.
• The staff member/volunteer will be informed as soon as possible of the nature of the allegation.
• The staff member/volunteer will be given the opportunity to respond.
• Any breach of the Child protection policy will result in temporary suspension/ removal of duties involving contact with children immediately. The staff member/volunteer will be brought through a certain procedure of disciplinary measures which are based on the severity of the accusation.
• The event controller of Sunrise Children’s Festival will be informed as soon as possible.
• Any action following an allegation of abuse against an employee should be taken in consultation with the HSE and Gardaí.
• After consultation, the chairperson/ head of organisation should advise the person accused and agreed procedures will be followed. Complaints and comments procedures
• Complaints or comments received will be responded to immediately.
• The Designated Officer has responsibility for directing complaints/comments to the event controller.
• Verbal complaints will be logged (on an incident form), returned to the office & responded to as soon as possible.
• In respect of the child/young person The Designated Officer will deal with issues related to the child/young person.
• In respect of the person against whom the allegation is made The Designated Officer will deal with issues related to the staff member/volunteer.
• Both the primary carers and child/young person should be informed of actions planned and taken. The child/young person should be dealt with in an age-appropriate manner;

Accidents Procedure

While Sunrise Children’s Festival considers safety a priority in all activities in the event of an accident the following procedures must be undertaken: In all cases The Designated Officer should be notified
• Staff must assess the seriousness of the accident and take appropriate action. Medical centre, hospital and local Garda telephone numbers are available from the venue manager’s manual.

• If the accident is serious primary carers must be notified.
• An accident report form must be completed by a staff member.
• Accident report forms are available from the Festival office
• Events preceding the accident and any other persons involved must be noted along with the actions that were taken. A copy of the accident report will be forwarded to Sunrise Children’s Festival’s insurance company without delay.
• A first aid box is available at each venue and in the production office


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