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Upcoming Events at Brigit's Garden

  • Mar 15 2019

Ger Lyons Core and Cellular Transformational Healing Workshops & Training

Date: Mar 15, 2019 at 07:00 PM

Join Global Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Metaphysician, Celtic Mystic and Seer Ger Lyons for a Core and Cellular Transformational Healing 3 & 6 Day Workshop & Training in March 2019 in Galway.

Core and Cellular Transformation is a very beautiful, sacred, very loving, very unique, and extremely powerful transformational, telepathic & energetic transmutation process which not only releases old trauma configurations and dead energy but breathes new fresh pure life back into the cells of your body and mind, using ancient Celtic incantation and invocation techniques, reminding us of who we have come here to be in this world. And saying goodbye to who we are not, the old stagnant version of ourselves!!

There is not a moment to waste, Come now and Dive right in, life is too short - Just do it ... Say YES to your SOUL!!

This work combines the use of active living mystic prayer, together with ancient Celtic traditional healing transmissions, and sound, music, exercises, invocations, and healing incantations, all skillfully adapted and developed to align with modern life and language that we can understand. 

By clearing and purifying the core cellular memory, where trauma and programming is stored at its origins, we can release permanently the patterning, behaviors and old stagnant and deadened energy that no longer serves us. This affects every aspect and level of ourselves, breathing new life, energy, passion, and creativity into the body.

Every cell carries memory which holds and stores impressions of everything we ever experience. This imprinting is like a complex matrix of mindsets, belief systems, ways of the world that we have been taught as children, and given from birth, from society, from our family experience, cultural conditioning, ancestors, etc. All this programming may not be congruent with what our soul has come to experience, discover or explore. 

Each individual person will begin to explore and continue to discover the true nature of what they have come here to experience. There are many exciting revelations and expanding experiences to have as this unique process of illumination runs through your body and your life.

This transformational alchemy has the potential to touch your past, present and future. 

This workshop is for you if you would like to:

- Release & heal trauma, sickness, negative and limiting programming in your life. 

- Bring new life, energy and creativity back into your body, mind, soul and spirit. 

- Clear and purify your Core Cellular Memory in a deep soulful way. 

- Explore and realize your true nature & reveal your authentic innate gifts. 

- Discover & experience exciting revelations and wisdom to transform your energy and life. 

- Receive the highest transmissions of vital life force energies so you can transform your life and heal others in a profound way. 

Join Global Healer Ger Lyons on an incredible journey into the inherent Wisdom of the Heart. 


Venue: Brigit's Garden - Celtic Gardens Ireland, Pollagh, Rosscahill, Galway

Date Time Cost
Friday 15th March 7pm - 10pm €35
Saturday 16th March 10am - 6pm €140
Sunday 17th March 10am - 6pm €140
Monday 18th March 10am - 6pm €140
Tuesday 19th March 10am - 6pm €140
Wednesday 20th March 10am - 6pm €140

3 Day Workshop Fri - Sun: €300 (Earlybird rate if pre-registered until 3rd of March €260)

6 day workshop: €570 (Earlybird rate if pre-registered until 3rd of March- €470)


As this event is taking place over St. Patrick's weekend, we recommend booking accommodation in advance. A full list of hotels, B&B's and hostels can be found on the accommodation section of our website here.

Ger Lyons Biography

A Native of Cork in the south of Ireland, for the last 20 years he is traveling around the world, doing workshop, healing and teaching.
Being very passionate about spirituality most of his life he spent learning and training all around the world.

Since early 1997 Ger went through a profound purification process and training, working on himself at a Cellular and Core Genetic level. This process cleared out years of old emotional and physical trauma and conditioning. It completely changed Ger's reality and opened up a profoundly deep connection and insight into universal intelligence. High transmissions of Sacred healing energies started to pour through him as streams of High consciousness and Illumination, deepening and expanding his birth gift. These transmissions continued and have never stopped.

As a teenager, Ger began the study of oriental martial arts. He progressed to study and practice the Oriental Healing Arts, and became a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. A graduate of the Acupuncture Foundation of Ireland, he continued his studies in the Nanjing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and afterwards in the Beijing College of Acupuncture and Orthopaedics in China. He worked in several hospitals in China and Inner Mongolia. He has studied and taught Shaolin Chi Kung and Tai Chi. He returned to Cork to set up and run an Acupuncture Clinic which became an accredited supervisory clinic for the Acupuncture Foundation. 

A few years later, Ger went on to train in Pranic Energy Healing with the Institute of Inner Studies in Manila in the Philippines with Master Choa Kok Sui. It was in Manila also that he experienced, studied and researched psychic surgery.  Ger has been studying Metaphysics for over 20 years and is still today engaged in ongoing studies and research of Astrobiology with the Edinburgh University, in Scotland.
He has also studied Bio-Energetic Healing, Quantum Energy Healing, Breathwork, Sacred Tantra, and he is a Reiki Master. In later years he has gained knowledge and experience from Hopi, Navaho, and Choctaw, First nations Medicine and Spirituality, and also pre-Celtic Druidic traditions, which opened and empowered him as many ancient gifts emerged from his own paternal Druidic Blood Line. 

Ger has lived and worked in Belfast, Northern Ireland, working with groups and individuals, ex-paramilitaries, ex-prisoners, and survivors of trauma, he has also worked in Bosnia, Palestine, Israel, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, South Africa, Ghana, and many other countries over the years. He has spent time in Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii, learning from powerful Aboriginal Elders, Maori Teachers, and Hawaiian Kahuna Healers.

He has researched, experienced and worked with Umbanda Trance Mediums and Psychic Surgery in Brazil. He has explored Sacred Chant, Mantras and Free Vocal Expression in Ireland, London, and California. He has worked with His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet. He has also been a Spiritual Advisor and Guide to political leaders in various countries and is regularly invited to speak and appear in T.V. and radio broadcasts and humanitarian forums in different countries. 
Throughout the years Ger has lived a life of "High Risk" - risking everything - even his own life, to gain the deepest truths, and bring illumination, healing and freedom. 

For more information about Ger and his work please visit:

To book your place or for more information please contact Carol or Katalina on:

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